IoT Product Consultancy

Looking for a consultancy service before getting your IoT Product Developed?

What We Do Best

We provide end-to-end IoT Product Development Services


The Internet of Things, a large community of sensors and smart devices combined with advanced analytics and cloud products, is guaranteed to improve (and disrupt) many industrial sectors. We as IT consultants work with our customers to get and release IoT fees. It also helps IoT and analytics companies identify resources and decide on which battlefield to compete best. With our IoT Consulting, you can optimize every element of a successful IoT deployment, from sensors, connectivity and lifecycle management to platform analytics, protection, programs and products.

Our IoT Consulting Services are:

  • Helps organizations develop or improve their approach to the IoT and determine the first pricing strategy to incorporate it into their current business tactics, new businesses, and average performance development efforts.
  • Assist your business with growing next-generation operations that consist of IoT proofs-of-concept, digital roadmaps, and relevant analytics that turn information into motion. Work with vendors to understand consumer needs, form appropriate partnerships, identify the most attractive opportunities, and address critical security situations related to IoT devices and applications. It provides sophisticated analytics datasets to help customers derive maximum charges from the vast amounts of information generated through the IoT.
  • Help vendors expand their IoT products and provider services while working with customers to handle the organizational adjustments needed to incorporate IoT into their virtual strategies.

IoT Consulting Services

3STechLabs IoT Consultation is designed to make complex IoT Product details easier to understand by our clients. Our experienced consultants can help you systematically plan your IoT Product Development with pre-defined milestones and timelines. Our IoT Consulting Services does not end at a draft of the first plan of your IoT Product, rather our IoT Consultants keep in touch with you throughout the IoT Product development journey to make the IoT Product Development process more efficient and cost-effective. 3STechLabs covers a wide range of IoT Consultancy spectrum which includes, but is not limited to, the parts below

  • Product Preliminary Research
  • IoT Product Prototype Design Consultancy
  • IoT System Architecture Consultancy
  • Timeline and Milestones Planning
  • Vendors and Manufacturers Shortlisting
  • Hardware Components Selection
  • IoT Business Formation Consultancy
  • User-facing Apps(web-apps, smartphone apps, displays) Design Consultancy
  • Cloud Providers Shortlisting
  • Scale-Manufacturing Consultancy

With years of experience providing IoT Services and Solutions, we came up with a standard project consultancy Framework which we call “Preliminary Research Report” to help make project easier to understand.

Consultancy Services

You don’t have to start your IoT Product without talking with experts. We have a team of expert IoT Consultants who provide quality IoT Product/Project Consultancy on your idea. W believe in a world where smart decisions are made based on a large amount of collected data from secure IoT Devices and to make our goal a reality we help establish IoT Startups. If you want to start your own Product/Service-based IoT startup or want to launch an IoT Product within your existing startup or company, you can talk to our consultants to get a tangible plan of action.

Preliminary Research Report

Quality work starts with good documentation on which all the stakeholders agree. We start all our projects by doing Preliminary Research of your idea and documenting all the technical and operational details of your project. Our IoT Consultants write Preliminary Research Document in collaboration with our in-house product development team to make sure that each section of the Preliminary Research Document adds value to the overall product development process.

Why Strategic IoT Planning or Preliminary Research Report is important?

Preliminary Research Report is an integral part of our IoT Product Development Services and it is a reference document for both our teams and our client. As an IoT Consultant, 3STechLabs knows very well that using technical jargon in IoT Consultation sessions doesn’t guarantee a quality product. In fact, the client gets confused with technical terms and drops the idea of getting an IoT Product Developed. Our IoT Consulting Service respects both the technical and non-technical clients and that’s why a Preliminary Research Report is a great document to help understand the project. The non-technical wording makes it ideal for the client to understand how the project will be implemented.

So you should go nowhere other than 3STechLabs to get IoT Services and Solutions.


IoT Market – Non-Traditional

The Internet of Things is not a single market, but a tough, rapidly overlapping market with strong links to information centres and analytics. These markets can be seen as a battlefield that spans customer, enterprise/commercial, community and gateway, analytics, and self-sufficient packages. Our IoT consulting services and solutions will help you succeed in this highly dynamic market. For example, today’s customers say cloud publishers and analytics and infrastructure software providers have the greatest impact on IoT investments. Customer priorities are also beginning to change. Even if predictive refurbishment emerges early on as an attractive use in the IoT era, interest in this software has diminished as ROIs have proven to be problematic. However, the hobby of remote tracking is increasing because it is easy to provide or stand-alone software. Customers and businesses are also paying more attention to side analytics that identify the processing power in the direction of sensors and cameras that collect statistics. According to our research, the most frequently cited hiring limits have been maintained on a regular basis for many years, including cybersecurity, integration, and ROI. Of these, safety concerns can also be the greatest. We work with you to uncover challenges and help transform preliminary successes into repeatable playbooks that meet customer protection, integration, and ROI concerns.

Our IoT Consultants

IoT consultancy is not an easy job to do. A good IoT Product Design Consultant should know about Hardware Technologies, Software Technologies, Cloud Technologies and Project Management. IoT tech-stack encompasses almost every technology that a webapp product requires and going further IoT tech-stack needs an in-depth knowledge of Hardware tech-stack, manufacturing and deployments.

At 3STechLabs we have a team of professional IoT Consultants helping a large pool of clients around the world.

Signature Process


3STechLabs has a signature consultancy process made by IoT Professionals with years of IoT Product Design and Consultancy experience. Our consultants listen to the client’s requirements, provide consultancy to maximize the product quality and minimize the development costs and then work swiftly on the client’s feedback to further improve the product design proposals and flow.

What’s Included in the Preliminary Research Report?

Preliminary Research Report is a detailed analysis of your  IoT, Embedded Systems or Smart project/product idea based on your requirements in a documented form covering

  • Off-the-shelf Components selection for prototype with the website links for ordering them.
  • Complete proposed Architecture for your IoT product/project with block diagrams.
  • 3STechLabs approach towards the project.
  • Proposed Development Milestones, timelines, and costing of each milestone
  • Other necessary technical and operational details.

The Preliminary Research Report will act as a starting point for your IoT Product Design journey.