What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is the technology through which the computer is capable of working on the data by using statistical analysis, allowing the device to understand, analyze, and learn from the data by using specific algorithms. AI machines are able to remember the patterns of behaviors and respond accordingly to change or keep those behaviors. 

Examples of Artificial Intelligence

Following are the examples of Artificial Intelligence that you might see in your daily lives.


Examples of Artificial Intelligence
Examples of Artificial Intelligence

AI robots are a mixture of robotics and AI, where the robot systems are implanted with AI software. The advanced AI robots are able to learn from the environment experiences and can develop abilities depending on the gained information. An example of AI in robotics is the Roomba 980 model vacuum which can scan the area of a room, scan for the hurdles/objects, and mark the best route for carpet cleaning. The bot can also spot the cleaning cycles it will need to perfectly clean a place. 

 Maps and Navigation

AI has changed the travelling experience for us. You can rely on Waze, Google or Apple Maps and search for your destination instead of relying on the printed maps for direction. The algorithms use ML to remember even the corners of the buildings it learns, which gives great map visuals for recognition and understanding the house or building. These apps also suggest fast routes by learning and identifying the changes in the flow of traffic and help to avoid traffic jams.

Text Editors Autocorrect

ML, DL, and NLP are used by AI algorithms to recognise incorrect language use and suggest the correct words using the processors in apps. The algorithms learn using high-quality language data so that they can identify even the smallest mistake. Editors like INK are taking the use of AI to the next level by offering exclusive functions. It utilises AI to provide recommendations for web content optimising. Recently, INK showed how a writing platform powered by AI can help to drive traffic and make content more relevant.

Face Detection

The two examples of Artificial Intelligence are virtual filters used by Snapchat and FaceID unlock on Apple devices. While Snapchat uses the technology of face detection to identify faces, Apple depends on face recognition. 

Over 30,000 visible dots are used by the TrueDepth camera on Apple, which creates a map of your face. Afterwards, the ML algorithm makes a comparison of your scanned face with the previously saved data. This way, it can decide if the device should be unlocked or not.

FaceID can adapt to the facial changes of the user, which include changes like cosmetic makeup, facial hair, contact lens, hats, or glasses. There are one in a million chances of fooling FaceID.

Social Media

AI is being used by social media apps to keep an eye on the content, recommend connections, and to give advertisements to the interested audience, along with other tasks to ensure the client stays interested and invested in the app.

The social media industry is well aware of the fact that their clients are their products, so they take the help of AI to connect the advertisers or marketers with the clients who have the target profiles. Social Media AI can also understand the content that the user likes and give suggestions for similar content. It also has the ability to recognise the problematic content which might be violating the terms and conditions by using keyword and visual recognition tools. AI can take down that type of content instantly.

Search Algorithm

Whenever you want to shop online or watch something, you get items suggested to you which are mostly aligned according to your interests or recent search history. The AI system for smart recommendation understands and learns your interests and behaviour by your online activity over time and collects the data from the front end or users, which is analysed by the ML and DL. Then it predicts preferred content and gives you recommendations for the items that you might like to buy, watch, or listen to in the near future.


Thanks to the intelligent algorithms, it is now possible to transfer money, make deposits, or open an account from anywhere while taking advantage of AI for managing identity, security, and privacy. Now with AI, one can even detect the frauds just by observing the spending patterns of a users’ credit card. The AI algorithms also keep the details of the user, like the item purchased, when, and where, as well as the minimum and maximum price of the item.

Example of Artificial Intelligence
Examples of Artificial Intelligence

Smart Home Devices

AI is trusted by many to the extent that we have given space to AI in even our homes. Examples of Artificial Intelligence in homes are smart home devices which we buy. These devices adjust their settings by learning our behaviours to make the user experience more easy and better with lesser hassles. We know voice assistants, which can be used to control smart home appliances, and they are the prime examples of how AI is making an impact on our lives.

Digital Assistance

Digital Assistance is one of the most used tools in our daily lives. Apple’s Siri, Google Now, Amazon’s Alexa and Cortana by Microsoft are the popular digital assistance that allows customers to do various tasks, including setting and checking schedules, searching for items on the web, and sending commands across different apps. AI plays a vital part in the working of these apps as the apps learn from user interaction. It allows the app to recognise the speech patterns and give results according to the preferences. Microsoft claims that Cortana keeps learning about the user and will anticipate the needs of the user eventually. 

Self Driving Cars

ML is another subset of AI with the ability to support some of the magical functions that happen in apps such as uber. Uber uses ML to allow a faster marketplace for ride-sharing, identifying suspicious or fake accounts, recommending pickup and dropoff locations, and even giving the option of UberEATS delivery, which recommends delicious food spots and predicts the time for wait so you can get your food whenever you need. 

Flying Drones

AI drones are largely based on computer vision. It allows the AI drones to detect objects while it flies and also allows them to analyse and record the data on the ground. Computer vision operates with high performance and onboards the image processing along with a neural network.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence
Examples of Artificial Intelligence

Many companies such as Amazon and Walmart are investing more and more in delivery programs via drones, and it is going to become a reality sooner than what we expect. Militaries all over the globe are using drone programs already, and these programs have been successful.

Final Thoughts

We witness examples of Artificial Intelligence daily, whether we are scrolling over the internet or watching videos on YouTube. While the media made AI a competition to man labor or gave a concept that it will replace mankind all over the world, the truth is the opposite. AI is helping humankind to become more efficient and helping businesses to be more productive. 3STechLabs can help you to implement AI technology in your business and grow with the digital world.