About Us

3STechLabs is the first ever hardware product design and prototype providing company and online platform which provides you the services related to hardware product design and consultancy for your new project or product. In a simple way, it can be described as an online platform that provide services for hardware projects like a Software House provides services for software. We are different from a software house in a way that we provide software+hardware services for a hardware project. We are specialized in IoT.

Along with that, we provides a project development tracking platform for your projects. Simply a client can approach us, provide us with product/project details, our platform update clients for different steps involved in that particular project on our platform. In short the progress of an ongoing project can be tracked by client on our tracking tool.

3STechLabs is providing following services right now,

  1. Full-Stack IoT Services
  2. Automation Services
  3. Products Prototype Development
  4. Customization of existing Hardware
  5. Industrial Automation
  6. Mobile App Development (For now only Android Development)
  7. Consultation Services for your product
  8. Hardware Training Sessions


Have an idea? contact us now.